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A gavel and a stethoscope side by side on a table.Having a personal injury inflicted upon you can be one of the most traumatizing experiences in your life. On top of the pain and emotional troubles you will face, there is also the question of how to pay for your resulting medical bills. You may also be missing work, reducing your income, and making it even harder to make ends meet while you recover.

Fortunately, you have legal options. By working with a personal injury lawyer, you can identify all at-fault parties and pursue the full amount of damages you have suffered. Our team at Singh Ahluwalia, Attorneys at Law, is prepared to aggressively represent you to hold all negligent parties accountable. We provide compassionate representation and are here to assist you no matter your financial situation. Our attorneys can provide services in Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, and English. Further, you will never be charged up-front for any of the services you receive.

If you have been hurt, realize that the sooner you start pursuing a claim for compensation, the better your chances are at recovery. Get answers to your legal questions, and find out what strategies will help you maximize your chances at receiving a fair settlement during a free, confidential, and no-risk consultation. Call (559) 878-4958 or Contact us online today to set up your free initial case review.

What Kinds of Cases Does a California Personal Injury Attorney Typically Handle?

A “personal injury” refers to any case where someone has been harmed by another person or company, with the legal implication that someone else negligently caused the injury. The most common types of cases we represent include:.

Car Accidents

California has 396,540 miles of lane-divided roadway (putting it at #2 behind Texas) and over 36 million registered vehicles. With so many vehicles and so much roadway, traffic accidents are inevitable. Traffic data from the most-recent available year provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety (CDOT) shows that there were 269, 031 people injured and 3,737 individuals killed by motor vehicle collisions in 2019.

Many people assume car accident injury claims are a matter of course, when in reality, liability insurers deny claims and reduce benefits to the minimal amount all the time. Simple mistakes like appearing to admit fault or failing to document injuries in a timely manner can result in a contentious claims process. Injured parties can benefit from the services of an experienced attorney to negotiate their claim while using hard evidence to increase the potential size of a settlement or award.

Truck Accidents

California has just under a million registered medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. When these vehicles are operated or maintained negligently, serious accidents can occur. Commercial vehicle accidents also tend to involve more-complex litigation, as carriers and other companies will scramble to shield themselves from liability. Procuring evidence can be challenging, and claimants may face aggressive counter-suits and other legal action in an effort to deter them from their pursuit of compensation.

The California personal injury attorneys at Singh Ahluwalia are not intimidated by teams of corporate lawyers. We are prepared to fight for every scrap of evidence available in order to build a strong claim and seek the maximum amount of damages available.

Motorcycle Accidents

Because two-wheeled vehicles lack the protections afforded to other cars and trucks, their occupants are extremely vulnerable to injury in the event of a collision. Motorcycle occupant fatality rates are over six times higher than for car passengers and nearly ten times higher than occupants of light trucks. On a per-miles-traveled basis, the risk of being involved in a fatal accident on a motorcycle is over 30 times higher than for cars and trucks.

With a high potential for major injuries or death, motorcycle accident cases often involve sizeable damages. We fight to hold reckless, negligent drivers accountable so that these high costs don’t have to be taken on by the victim.

Slip-and-Fall (Premises Liability)

Slip-and-fall accidents can change someone’s life in an instant, especially when they are over the age of 60. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death for adults 65 and older nationwide, and in California over 27% of older adults report at least one fall in their lifetime.

Trips, slips, and falls can inflict serious injuries in any setting: at a retail store, at an apartment building, in museums and amusement parks, and anywhere else. Property owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of those given permission to visit. When they fail to maintain the property or follow reasonable safety practices, it’s the public that suffers.

Medical Malpractice

“First, do no harm.” These words are supposed to guide the actions of healthcare professionals, but all-too-often standards of care are violated, leading to great harm to patients. Medical malpractice claims require special considerations according to state and federal laws, including the use of medical experts needed to certify the validity of the claim.

Malpractice insurers are prepared to fight aggressively against any claims of liability, but so are we. We have decades of collective experience representing clients injured by malpractice, both in and out of court. We are ready to help you accurately valuate your damages and to stand up against those who would deny you the compensation you need to recover from your medical injury.

Defective Products

The U.S. set a record for the number of consumer products recalled in a single year in 2022. Over a billion individual units were recalled, encompassing 245 automotive vehicles, 120 food & beverage products, 268 medical devices, and 94 pharmaceutical drugs.

Products manufacturers use many strategies to shield themselves from liability when the things they sell hurt their consumers. Hiring an experienced California defective products attorney increases your chances that you can obtain a reasonable settlement compensating you for the damages you have suffered.

Other Practice Areas

In addition to the case types listed above, we also handle many other personal injury-causing situations, from government liability claims to negligent security, and more. Some of the other common case types we represent include the following:

  • Bus and public transit accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Gross negligence
  • Aggravated assault
  • Negligent apartment or building security
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Negligence of the BOP and other human rights violations
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Common Damages Claimed in a Personal Injury Case

Your damages will vary according to the nature of your accident, past and future medical needs, and other important factors. Generally, the worse the medical outlook, the more damages that will be sought in order to treat the condition. Additionally, more-serious injuries cause individuals to miss more work — sometimes leaving them totally disabled — meaning their loss in wage earnings will also mount.

When evaluating your case, we will look at the following damages categories to ensure that you are made financially whole again after your accident:

  • Past medical costs: Any emergency treatment, medical transport, hospitalization, diagnostics/testing, medications, surgery, specialist treatments, medications, etc.
  • Future medical costs: The projected cost of future treatments, including long-term medications, rehabilitation, and so forth, as is medically required.
  • Lost wages: The full value of the money you are unable to earn as a result of your injury.
  • Pain and suffering: The personal mental suffering and loss of enjoyment of life you have experienced because of your injury.
  • Property damage: Repair or replacement of any vehicles or other items damages in your accident.
  • Punitive damages: Sometimes available in cases that proceed to trial, these damages punish extreme negligence and wrongful acts to deter others from committing them.

What Do I Need to Do to Recover Money for My Injuries?

When you meet with a California personal injury lawyer, they will help you determine what strategies are available to help you pursue your claim while maximizing the potential value of your ultimate settlement or award. Because of their personalized approach, no two personal injury cases will be completely alike. However, they are likely to share some of the common elements below.

Investigating Fault

Once you start working with one of our California injury attorneys, they will immediately begin helping you investigate your accident to determine fault while procuring all available evidence. By identifying all potentially at-fault parties, we can help you seek compensation from all available sources to maximize the chances of successful damages recovery.

Filing Notice of a Claim

Depending on the requirements of the liability insurance policy you intend to use, you may have just a few days from the date of your accident to report a possible claim to them. Remember that you don’t have to notify them of the nature of your injuries, just the fact that you might be injured and may have claimable costs.

An injury attorney can assist you with filing notice of a claim in a timely manner while handling most conversations with insurers on your behalf.

Gathering Evidence

Documentation of your medical treatment is a key component of building your case, but you will also need evidence to establish the sequence of events leading up to your accident and proof that the represented policyholder is at fault. Gathering all necessary evidence may require subpoenas or other legal powers granted only during the lawsuit process, so your attorney will help you weigh the merits of filing a civil complaint early on in your case to help you avoid any delays.

Demand for Damages

Once your medical prognosis (likely outcome) is clear, you will be able to better project the full damages imposed by your accident. Your damages will be tabulated in full and sent to the named at-fault party — and/or their insurer — in order to formally demand repayment in full. This demand letter typically initiates a negotiation process, where several offers will be considered by both sides until a reasonably agreeable number is arrived at.

Possible Litigation and Escalation

A settlement agreement can be formed at any stage of a personal injury case, even after a lawsuit is filed. However, if the named parties refuse to make a reasonable settlement offer, the case can proceed to a jury trial. With vast experience representing clients at trial and in hearings, the attorneys at Singh Ahluwalia are prepared from day one of your case to stand up for your rights in court.

What Advantages Does Having a Personal Injury Lawyer in California Provide Me?

Not every injury case requires the services of an injury lawyer to resolve to the injury victim’s satisfaction. However, cases are statistically more likely to result in a higher settlement when the injured claimant obtains representation from a licensed and reputable legal firm.

When you work with the injury attorneys in California at Singh Ahluwalia, know that our biggest goal is to provide you with confidence and peace of mind. We handle your case from start to finish, all while keeping you informed, up-to-date, and in control of the major legal decisions.

By working with a proven injury firm like ours, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Legal knowledge and experience to help you know what factors have the biggest effect on final settlement size and overall case success.
  • Familiarity with claims processes as well as tactics insurers use to try and reduce a claim’s value.
  • Extensive resources and perseverance to help you obtain all the evidence you need while handling any aggressive counter-measures put forth.
  • Trial and negotiation experience to take the burden of your case’s fate off your shoulders while providing you with the best approaches available.
  • Access to resources like reputable doctors, expert witnesses, repair shops, rehabilitation centers, and more.
  • Someone to listen to you and provide you with accurate, up-to-date answers for all your legal questions and concerns.

Singh Ahluwalia Wants to Fight for You!

Recovering damages can be a long and stressful process, and so can recovering medically. We help you focus on the latter while we handle the former. We also help you feel assured that your legal rights are fully understood and being fought for during every step of your claim.

Our firm has built a reputation for helping individuals who feel disadvantaged and disregarded by the legal system. We have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals avoid deportation and accomplish their immigration goals, and we have also helped individuals from all communities succeed in their personal injury cases. When you are ready to have someone in your corner who is going to fight for your damages using every available strategy, give us a call.

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