Indian Migrants are Also Caught Up in the Immigration Enforcement System

WNYC, NYC Public Radio | The Takeaway

Deepak Ahluwalia, an immigration attorney based in California and Texas joined us to talk about what his Indian immigrant clients have been telling him about their situation.

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A growing number of California detainees are Indians crossing through Mexico to seek asylum

LA Times

So far during the 2018 fiscal year, 4,197 of those arrested by Border Patrol agents have been Indian nationals, according to data from Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse. And many have seen their asylum claims denied. From fiscal years 2012 to 2017, about 42% of asylum cases from India were rejected, clearinghouse records show.

“I ask, ‘Why not stay in Mexico?’” said immigration attorney Deepak Ahluwalia. “They see us as the traditional country that has helped the persecuted.”
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Punjab to Peoria: Arizona had most Indian deportation cases in 2015

Arizona PBS

“Many choose to flee to the U.S., Ahluwalia said. But he could not say why more appear to be coming across the Arizona border, pointing out that it is often up to the smugglers to pick the route. Once here, however, many turn themselves over at the border seeking asylum, claiming they fear they will be harmed if they return to their country, Ahluwalia said.”
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