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A man's hand placing down a yellow wet floor caution sign in a hallway.

Fresno Premises Liability Accident Lawyer

Fresno Premises Liability Accident Lawyer Having an injury occur in a public place or on someone else's property can be a harrowing surprise. We visit places outside our homes, assuming that others will apply the same level of care toward keeping their property safe and free of hazards. Unfortunately, issues ranging…

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An overturned truck in between two lanes of a highway after an accident.

Fresno Truck Accident Lawyer

Fresno Truck Accident Lawyer Without commercial trucks, our lives would look very different. Though these trucks play an important part in our economy, they also pose dangers for others on the road. Their large size and poor visibility can spell disaster in a collision. Accidents with tractor trailers and other commercial…

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An injured worker with his right arm in a cast and sling, and his left arm on his hip.

Fresno Workers Compensation Accident Lawyer

Fresno Workers Compensation Accident Lawyer Workplace injuries can be catastrophic, sometimes even life-altering. Despite advances in safety equipment and workplace standards, there continues to be hundreds of fatal occupational injuries in California each year. Fortunately, employees can file under their employer's workers' compensation policy to recover the losses they will suffer…

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Model figures on a table arranged in a funeral setting with a family grieving over a coffin.

Fresno Wrongful Death Accident Lawyer

Fresno Wrongful Death Accident Lawyer Wrongful death incidents are the most agonizing types of cases we handle. Handling the death of any loved one is always difficult, but when that death was caused by the wrongful acts of another, the experience is all the more devastating. Fortunately, you have legal recourse.…

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ATV turned on its side on a forest trail after an accident.

Fresno ATV Accident Lawyer

Fresno ATV Accident Lawyer All Terrain Vehicles, more commonly known as ATVs, are a popular and entertaining form of transportation. Over the last few decades, ATVs have become increasingly used by people of a wide range of ages — from children to adults — as they provide a unique and rugged…

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Aircraft fuselage on the ground after a plane crash.

Fresno Aviation Accident Lawyer

Fresno Aviation Accident Lawyer Flying is one of the easiest and safest forms of transportation that ensures you can get from one place to another. However, aviation accidents are more common than one would think. It is safe to say that any aviation accident can be labeled as a disaster, and…

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Bicycle and helmet lying on the road after a colission with a car.

Fresno Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Fresno Bicycle Accident Lawyer From recreation to daily commutes, bicycles are integral to many people's lifestyles. Unfortunately, while bicycles are a fun and active way to travel, they can be involved in accidents that inflict serious injuries. When other motor vehicles are involved in a bicycle accident, the potential for great…

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Sing Ahluwalia

Fresno Boating Accident Lawyer

Fresno Boating Accident Lawyer Boating is a popular activity in Fresno and across the Central Valley, with multiple lakes and rivers throughout the county that the whole family can enjoy. Imagine taking your family on a boat in Bass Lake on a hot summer day for an ideal family activity. But…

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Car accident with rescue workers and fire department personnel rushing to the scene.

Fresno Car Accident Lawyer

Fresno Car Accident Lawyer Cars have become embedded in most people's daily routines in Fresno and throughout the country. Unfortunately, reliance on personal vehicles for transportation puts millions of cars on the road in California daily, dramatically increasing the risks of a dangerous accident. Being in a car accident can be…

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A safety helmet on the ground, with a construction worker in the background tending to injured colleague after an accident.

Fresno Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Fresno Construction Site Accident Lawyer Construction sites can be hazardous, and these dangers may harm workers and bystanders alike. Accidents can happen for various reasons, but a legal team can guide you through your journey to financial recovery after a construction site injury. Our skilled legal team at Singh Ahluwalia Attorneys…

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Doctor holding pills and tablets in cupped hands.

Fresno Dangerous Drugs Accident Lawyer

Fresno Dangerous Drugs Accident Lawyer When one takes prescription drugs as directed, one would likely assume nothing could go wrong. Around 66% of the U.S. population regularly takes one or more prescription drugs. But even people who consume prescription medication responsibly and as prompted can see serious adverse effects. Complications from…

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Doctor holding pills and tablets in cupped hands.

Fresno Daycare Accident Lawyer

Fresno Daycare Accident Lawyer Childcare services are a life-saver for busy, working families. By providing a safe and calm environment for your child, you are free to manage your other responsibilities during those few busiest hours of the day. Unfortunately, some of these facilities are less trustworthy than others, leading to…

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Female patient lying down about to enter an mri machine.

Fresno Defective Medical Device Accident Lawyer

Fresno Defective Medical Device Accident Lawyer The power of medical technology is undeniable, but unfortunately, even specialized healthcare devices are almost never 100% perfect. In the span of just nine years, the FDA received right under 5.5 million reports of complications relating to medical devices. These devices can have remarkable abilities,…

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Angry German shepherd struggling to break free from its owner's leash.

Fresno Dog Bite Lawyer

Fresno Dog Bite Lawyer Dogs are a common sight in Fresno's neighborhoods, downtown streets, and even (increasingly) within its local businesses. People take for granted that dogs will be friendly or, at very least, safe to be around. In reality, dogs can pose major threats, especially to young children, the elderly,…

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Crashed golf cart sitting on the path after a serious accident.

Fresno Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

Fresno Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Golf cart accidents can be just as serious as other traffic accidents. They sometimes lead to major injuries due to the cart being smaller, lighter, and lacking in the protection of another vehicle. Many golf carts can reach speeds of up to 25 miles an hour,…

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Black helmet on the ground after an accidental collision between a motorcycle and a car.

Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer As far as traffic accidents go, motorcycle accidents can be some of the most unpleasant. Many reasons why people love to ride motorcycles are the same reasons why accidents can be so serious and cause such severe injuries. If your family is trying to move on from…

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Distracted driver looking at his phone about to run over a female pedestrian.

Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Passenger vehicles have to share the roads with motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Yet, these bigger vehicles tend to put smaller travelers at risk, especially pedestrians. Pedestrian accidents are far-too-common, and they tend to have the most devastating outcomes because human bodies offer no protection against a vehicle,…

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