The driver-side headlight of a grey family sedan damaged in an accident.The aftermath of a car accident can feel overwhelming. You may be faced with out-of-pocket medical bills, a gap in income from missing work, car repair estimates, chronic pain, and additional challenges.

When you seek help from the other driver’s insurance company, you could encounter even more difficulties, especially if the insurance adjuster tries to shift the blame onto you. How can you protect your legal rights after a car accident?

Securing a copy of your police car accident report is a good way to begin putting the pieces together to determine what happened, who was at fault, and how to proceed. However, police reports contain a large amount of information, some of which can be confusing to the average layperson.

The best solution is to review the report with a Fresno car accident law firm who can answer your questions and help you understand the options.

Singh Ahluwalia Attorneys at Law offers free consultations to anyone involved in a car accident or other personal injury. We’ll read the accident report, help you calculate your damages, and explain the possibilities for recovering compensation in your case.

If you want to proceed with our help, you won’t pay us anything until we win or settle your case, so please contact us today to learn more.

Kingsburg Police Department Car Accident Reports Are Available In Person or By Mail

You can fill out a request form in person or mail one to:

Kingsburg Police Department

1401 Draper Street

Kingsburg, CA 93631

For more information about obtaining a request form, please call (559) 897-5821 or visit their website.

When you submit your request form, you’ll need to pay a $15 charge for the report. If your request is approved, the report is usually mailed within 5-10 business days.

Can Anyone Access a Car Accident Report?

No. According to the provisions outlined in the California Public Records Act, access to police reports is granted to individuals deemed to have a “right to know” or a “need to know.”

The following parties typically have the ability to obtain a traffic collision report:

  • Any driver directly involved in the collision
  • Other parties involved, including passengers or pedestrians
  • Individuals who sustained injuries or property damage due to the accident
  • Witnesses or the person who filed the report
  • Parents or legal guardians of minors involved in the incident
  • Anyone referenced within the report
  • Representatives, such as attorneys, acting on behalf of the aforementioned parties

How Do You Determine Fault From a Car Accident Report?

You should show the report to a car accident lawyer who can help you interpret the various information it contains. Notably, fault can be divided between the parties, so there is not always one responsible driver.

Sometimes, clients come to us upset because the police report indicates they made a mistake that contributed to the collision. We’ll work to determine if this assertion is correct, and if it isn’t, we’ll search for additional evidence.

In some cases, it’s possible to challenge a police report with evidence to refute one or more conclusions.

But if the “contributing factor”  is accurate—for example, if you were speeding or overlooked a road sign—that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t recover any damages. We’ll read the rest of the report to see if the other driver also made mistakes.

If so, you can still seek restitution for their share of your damages due to the state’s pure comparative negligence laws. An example might be if you’re 40 percent responsible, you could recover 60 percent of your damages from their insurance.

Unfortunately, you can’t assume the insurance adjuster will accurately calculate your share of responsibility. In many cases, an adjuster concludes the injured party has a higher percentage of fault, which can significantly reduce the settlement.

When this happens, your lawyer will fight for a better evaluation of both drivers’ contributions so you can collect the best settlement possible.

We may also ask you for additional evidence from the accident. If necessary, we can have an investigator visit the scene, talk with local residents, and search for more witnesses or nearby cameras.

However, it’s often easier to gather information right after the collision. For this reason, we always encourage people to take multiple photos at the scene, capturing damage to both vehicles, the road (especially tire marks), the surrounding areas, and your injuries.

Some evidence is lost over time, so the sooner you speak to an attorney, the easier it is for us to build a strong case in your favor. For example, we often find a video of a car accident on a nearby doorbell or security camera, but this is more likely if we can begin investigating shortly after the collision.

These videos are typically erased after a few weeks due to storage space needs.

How Can You Get Help From a Kingsburg Car Accident Attorney?

At Singh Ahluwalia Attorneys at Law, our team of seasoned legal professionals is ready to offer a comprehensive assessment of your car accident case at no charge. We’re dedicated to addressing any concerns stemming from your police report, assisting you in accurately determining the worth of your claim, and vigorously pursuing the most favorable outcome.

There’s no obligation, and if you decide to move forward with our assistance, we operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won’t incur any charges until we successfully secure a settlement on your behalf.

Furthermore, we’ll manage all negotiations, alleviating the burden of interacting with insurance adjusters.

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